About Us

“INDIANNEWSSITE.COM” is  a Web Site  (News Portal) of Odisha. It provides all kinds of News. Specifically socio-economic condition of the people of Odisha & political analysis are reflected in our web. It also produces different kind of features related to every kind of events.

Not only News and Features, the organization is dedicated but also for the awareness of RTI amongst each section of the society. To make knowledgeable to a person through different kind of news, features, seminars, group discussions is the motto of this organization. It is also involved for the eradication of corruption from the govt. administrations and similar organization through different kind of method. It contains updates of incidents of Odisha and India, major happenings, literatures, stories & leisure reading articles in odia, Hindi & English. Update current events & thorough analysis are displayed on our web site frequently.


We are now available online for readers round the globe. You can also connect with us on Facebook @ indiannewssite.com & on Twitter @ indiannewssite.com.